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We also think green

Upab is an important part of development within the municipality of Umeå and plays a central role in creating a sustainable urban environment with sustainable transport systems for its citizens


Electric cars
New vehicles and alternative fuel

The need for increased use of CO2-neutral vehicles in Umeå is big and Upab has an important role in being able to offer strategically placed parking for these vehicles. At present, the industry is developing at a rapid pace and the fuel source that currently places the greatest demand on specially adapted parking spaces is electric vehicles. Upab offers the possibility of charging hybrids and electric cars in all multi storey car parks and plans for the expansion of the charging infrastructure to meet demand.

Park and Bike
Better for both you and the city

Do you commute to Umeå’s central parts? Then the concept “Park and Bike” is something for you. Park near the city center and cycle the last bit – cheaper and healthier for both you and the air!



Green parking PAY-OFF
Collected facilities create growth

Green parking pay-off means that the property owner takes responsibility for employees’ trips to and from the property in other ways than merely offering car parking in accordance with the car parking norms.

Upab plays a central role in the development of a sustainable city with sustainable transport systems. For Upab, this means working with everything from resource and energy consumption in our parking garages, how we think when building new and in what ways we can work to create a greener city and an accessible city center. We also have the influence to inspire our customers to a more sustainable traffic behavior; through solutions that make it easier to combine a car with being able to walk, cycle or use public transport. We contribute to a lively and vibrant center.

Green parking pay-off

Central workplaces are attractive and densification leads to more trips. If air quality is to be improved, the number of car trips within the city center must be kept down. Therefore, it is a political decision that no more workplace parking should be added in the center square. It is not possible to develop the city center and at the same time prepare for all employees car parking. Parking should instead be for visitors and residents. To achieve this, Umeå municipality and Upab use so-called parking pay-off. Parking pay-off means that property owners can buy parking instead of building on their own property. The property owner then gets the parking solution at a lower cost since there are collective facilities, ie no fixed places and thus increased utilization.

In order to further promote the air quality in Umeå, so-called green parking pay-off has also been introduced. This means that the property owner takes responsibility for employee travel to and from the property in other ways than merely offering car parking according to the car parking standard. The property owners receive a reduced parking standard if they undertake to pay a fee to a mobility management fund, connect the property to car sharing and arrange heated bicycle parking areas with changing rooms for employees that commute by bike.

Read more here: Green Parking pay-off – What is it?


Upab participates in several collaborative projects with a sustainability focus:


In the RUGGEDISED Smart City project, which is part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 program, Umeå Municipality, Umeå University, Region Västerbotten, Akademiska Hus, RISE, Umeå Energi and Upab collaborate to develop the university city together. Nine climate-smart solutions are developed. Read more here.


Although good parking strategies have proven to be useful for delivering sustainable mobility in our cities, it is still one of the most underdeveloped sections of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP). The EU Horizon 2020 project Park4SUMP aims to change this by considering parking issues as part of a broader strategy that can promote urban mobility but also the overall quality of life in our cities. Sixteen European cities are collaborating in the project to demonstrate and communicate the benefits of strategic and smart parking strategies.

View and print a folder about the project: Park4Sump Leaflet A3 Folded Swedish WEB. You can find the project website here.

Sharing city Umeå

Umeå is one of four innovative cities within the national program Sharing Cities Sweden. Sharing Cities Sweden is part of the strategic innovation program Viable Cities, which is financed by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas. The purpose of the program is to share resources within a city more efficiently and to share knowledge between participating cities. Sharing Cities is also based on the principles behind open source and open data. Read more here.


Park and Bike

Park and Bike is a parking solution for those who commute daily to central Umeå. It simply means that you park your car outside the center and cycle the last bit to your final destination. The benefits are many. You get cheaper parking, avoid congestion in the center and have a secure storage of your bike. In addition, you get exercise in the morning and afternoon and have a bicycle available for travel during the day. At the same time, you help make the air in Umeå city center better!

With this solution you rent a parking space and get access to your own lockable locker where you park your bike. In the locker you can also store, for example, bicycle helmets and rainwear. You pick up the key for your bike locker at our office in the Nanna house.

We offer Park and Bike in two places adjacent to the city center. In Dragonskolans parking garage there are ten bicycle lockers. There you pay 500 SEK/month for car parking and bicycle lockers. At Umestan, outside the gates down near Väg 503, there are eight parking spaces and bicycle lockers. These cost 350 SEK/month.

If you are interested in renting a Park and Bike spice you start by creating a user in our digital rental system. Register your name and address under profile and add a payment card. Then contact Upab’s customer service on 090-16 15 50 to get the code required for the current location.