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Municipal employees

Personnel parking Umeå municipality

To apply for a parking card at Umeå municipality’s properties, you must be a municipal employee and work at the property in question. Physical parking cards are still used for the rental of parking spaces within the municipality of Umeå. In the City Hall area, digital parking permits apply.


Parking fees for employees and elected representatives within Umeå Municipality.

According to a decision by the Municipal Board 2020-01-14, the fee for parking permits for Umeå Municipality’s properties is increased from SEK 250 / month to SEK 300 / month. The increase applies from 1 April 2020 and should be indexed each year.

In workplaces that do not have the possibility of public transport (during normal commuting times), the fee is still SEK 200 / month. Examples are the following locations: Kasamark, Yttersjö, Flurkmark, Bodbyn, Bullmark, Botsmark, Tavelsjö. From 1 April this also applies to Stöcksjö school.

The fee is SEK 500 / month for staff parking within the City Hall area and municipal properties within the city center square.

The parking in the Dragonskolan’s garage is not covered by the unified parking fee and costs SEK 500 / month.

Personnel working in properties owned by private property owners are not affected by this decision.

Invoicing is done quarterly. Any deposit paid will not be refunded unless special reasons exist.

The cancellation notice period is one month and is made before the next billing instance which is 1 March, 1 June, 1 September, 1 Dec.

The application for parking cards is made via the link to the application form below. It takes about 5 working days before you receive your parking card and invoice.

Apply for a parking card

The parking spaces are not personal and may not be marked.

In cases where there is a need for extra parking permits for example, for substitutes, they can be applied for at Upab. In these cases, the entity is responsible for the cost itself.

Guest parking is for visitors / substitutes and must not be used by employees of the entity. This is the entity’s responsibility to follow up.

In the event of failure on engine heater posts, poor snow removal etc, call 090-16 23 42.

Controls are carried out by Upab. The amount on the control fee is determined by the municipality’s local rate for a parking ticket.

City Hall area

From June 1, 2020, those who work at the City Hall need to apply for a digital parking permit in two steps: first register in the municipality’s e-service and then apply for a parking permit. Read more about this on the Umeå municipality’s intranet.

Social services

You pay for a parking fee, regardless of whether you work in one or several places.

If you have shared service between two or more workplaces within the municipality, you must state which workplaces the parking will apply to. Notify your manager who will contact Upab.

According to Umeå Municipality’s guidelines for business travel, private cars should not be used regularly in the service but may only be used when special reasons so permit. If your manager has admitted that you are using a private car in the service, your manager needs to report it to Upab. You can then apply for a parking permit paid for by the municipality. Contact your business manager.

For special needs, such as group or staff meetings when more cars than usual gather at the property contact us before the meeting.

Pre-school, primary school and secondary school

If you work within the school you can rent a parking space at the school / preschool where you have your main employment. The parking permit applies to school facilities. An application for a permit is made for the school facility where you have your main employment. Parking can be used at other school facilities if space is available. This is in agreement with the headmaster in charge. If free space is not available, guest parking can be used.


At Västangård’s school and preschool, the above rules are not applied as the properties are not managed by the municipality of Umeå. Upab’s parking permits are not valid at Västangård’s school and preschool. Visitors and staff who use the car sporadically are referred to visitor parking, a coin / card machine is available in the area.

At Dragonskolan only parking permits issued for Dragonskolan apply.