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Read the most common questions and our answers here.

Why is it important to park correctly?

By parking correctly you help make the city safe and accessible. The parking rules ensure that roads, loading zones and walkways are not blocked. Ambulances, fire trucks and other emergency vehicles must always have a clear road. A wrongly parked car can delay traffic in a situation where every minute is precious for saving a life.

The parking rules also ensure the safety of all unprotected road users. A car that is parked wrong can obscure visibility and in the worst of cases cause a traffic accident. When you choose a designated parking space in a garage or outdoors you know you are parked in a place away from danger to yourself or others.


I’ve received a control fee on my car but I think it was issued incorrectly. How do I appeal it?

In the case of a control fee for illegal parking on off street parking, you should contact the issuer. To appeal a control fee from Upab, click here.

In the case of a parking fine that has been issued for illegal parking on street areas within the Umeå Municipality, you should contact the police authority in Umeå.

Address: Ridvägen 10, 903 25 Umeå
Telephone: 114 14

I don’t have a smart phone. How do I pay with my phone?

You can always pay for parking via SMS.

Get started with SMS parking:
1. Zone code
2. Space
3. License plate number (no space between the digits and letters)
4. Space
5. Personal number (10 digits and no dashes)
6. Send to 0707-13 14 15

Example: 602 ABC123 7202098521


I forgot to check out my parking. What should I do?

You can call us during office hours at 090-16 15 50 so we can help you. We need to know your license plate number.


Where can I find on street parking in parking banned areas?

Please note that this applies to places where signposts are placed. Restrictions may apply.


Where can I pay a control fee that has been issued by Upab?

You pay to the account number 738-3409. Remember to enter your  case number (Ärendenummer) as OCR-number. You will find payment information on your controll fee. If you have lost it you must contact Upab’s customer service.


If I pay for a ticket at a parking space, can I park in another parking space with the same ticket?

It depends on the parking terms that exist at that particular parking. On street parking in central Umeå is divided into parking zones. You can park at a cheaper zone using a ticket from a more expensive zone.


How can I pay a control fee issued by Upab from a foreign bank account?

You need the following information to pay from a foreign bank account:
IBAN: SE9280000842029243084325

Don’t forget to enter your case number (Ärendenummer) on the fine ticket as OCR-number/message.


Are only electric cars allowed to park on parking spaces with the charging station sign?

Yes. Parking spaces with this sign are only for electric vehicles.


What should I do when the parking meter is broken?

You must always pay for your parking even if the meter is broken. You can always pay with your mobile phone with the app or SMS. We appreciate you contacting us and reporting the broken meter at 090-16 20 00.


How does date parking work in Umeå?

Date parking applies to all on street parking on all days between 00:00 – 08:00. Date parking means that on days with an odd numbered parking is allowed on the side of the street with even numbered houses. Keep in mind that it is the date after midnight that applies.


How much is the control fee?


450 kr.

If you park…

  • Longer that the allowed/paid for time.
  • Without paying a fee.
  • Without a visible/readable parking ticket.

650 kr.

If you park…

  • Outside the marked areas.
  • With no visible parking permit.
  • Without a valid parking permit.
  • On visitor parking spaces.
  • On rented/reserved spaces.
  • On parking spaces reserved for certain kinds of vehicles.
  • Where parking is forbidden.
  • In zones where parking is forbidden.

900 kr.

If you park…

  • On disabled parking spots without a proper permit.
  • On walkways.
  • Against the direction of traffic.
  • On a crossway or within 10 meters of a crossway.
  • On a crossing or within 10 meters of a crossing.
  • Where it is forbidden to park or stop vehicles.


What is the difference between a parking fine and a control fee?

Upon parking violation in on street areas, a parking fine will be issued. If you object to the parking fine, you should request a correction from the Police Authority in Umeå Municipality.

In the case of parking violation on off street parking areas a control fee is issued. If you object to a control fee you can contact us at Upab to request a correction.

What does the sign mean?