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Paying for parking is easy

When you pay for your parking, you can choose whether you want to pay in a parking machine or via your mobile phone. All our car parks are cost-neutral, which means you only pay the parking fee.



Mobile payment

We use Parkster and EasyPark as providers for mobile payment for parking. The service is cost-neutral, which means that there are no additional costs in addition to the parking fee.

Paying the parking fee with your mobile phone is easy, download one of the apps, create an account and then you’re up and running. To start a parking, you need to know the parking area’s zone code, which you can find on the area’s zone signs. You can start and end your parking whenever you want and you pay for the exact time you are parked. Parkster and Easypark are available for download on the App store and Google play. If you do not have a smartphone, it is possible to pay your parking fee with SMS or voicemail via both providers.

Parkster EasyPark

SMS payment

If you cannot pay for your parking through our suppliers’ apps, it is possible to pay by SMS. Please note that the two providers Parkster and EasyPark are responsible for the SMS services and payment.

SMS parking with Parkster

Send zone code, registration number and social security number to +46 707-13 14 15
Exampel: 646 ABC123 ÅÅMMDDXXXX

To cancel the parking:
Send the word ”Stop” to +46 707-13 14 15.
Once you stop your parking you get a confirmation text saying you’ve checked out.

Parking machines

Always read the instructions on the parking machine. You always pay in advance in our parking machines, but in some parking machines you can end the parking time if you return earlier than you had planned. You can pay with the following cards in the parking machines: Visa, Mastercard, OKQ8, Preem, Shell, Circle K, St1 and Volvo card.


You can have the receipt sent to your email if you return to the car park before your managed time has expired. You then insert the card again and are asked if you want a receipt. Enter your email address and the receipt will be sent to you.

If the parking machine does not work

If there is a fault with the machine, we will correct the fault as soon as we are informed. Remember that you must always pay your parking fee.