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Pay for parking

Paying for parking is simple

You can pay for parking with your mobile phone. Pay by sending an SMS or by downloading the Parkster app. No additional costs will be added. You can also buy long term tickets where available.


Mobile payments (with the Parkster app)

It is simpler and faster to park with Parkster. Parkster can detect your location and the applicable rate. You pay only for the time you’ve parked and can shorten or extend your parking time.

The parking fees which are payed with your mobile phone are payed monthly with a printed invoice, email invoice, Visa or Mastercard. A separate invoice from Parkster will be sent to your home address which can be used for accounting purposes.


Start SMS parking

1 Zone code
2 Space
3 License plate number (no spaces between letters and numbers)
4 Space
5 Personal number (10 digits without dashes)
6 Send to 0707-13 14 15

Example: 602 ABC123 7202098521

You only need to write your personal number the first time you start SMS parking. Conclude your parking by sending the word Avsluta to the same number.

Parking meters

Always read the instructions on the parking meters. You always pay in advance, but certain parking meters allow you to cancel your parking if you return earlier than planned. Those parking meters can be found in our multistory carparks, Åhlénstaket, Sagagallerian, Skruven, and Stadshuset. The following payment cards are accepted by our parking meters: Visa, Mastercard, OKQ8, Preem, Shell, Circle K, St1 and Volvokort.

Receipt from a ticket-free parking meter

You can get a receipt via email if you come back before your parking time has run out. Put in your card and you will be asked if you want a receipt. Enter your email address to get your receipt.


If the parking meter is out of order

Should the parking meter be out of order please let us know by contacting us. Keep in mind that you must always pay your parking fee.