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Our assignment

We make Umeå accessible

Umeå is developing at a rapid pace, with completely new opportunities for both people and companies. A vibrant and growing city, which as many as possible should be able to enjoy their own conditions. That is one of the reasons why we at Upab exist. To make Umeå accessible.


Our mission is to contribute to Umeå’s future by ensuring that parking opportunities develop at the same pace as the rest of the city. Umeå must be accessible and safe – even for you by car. Our assignment includes prioritizing visitors to central Umeå, which in the long run is good for both private individuals and entrepreneurs.

Together with other positive forces in society, we work to ensure that the goals are realized in the best possible way. Many exciting and important construction projects can simply not be realized unless we at Upab build new car parks.

We are owned by Umeå municipality but are not expected to be profitable. On the other hand, we ourselves need to create financial resources to both operate our existing car parks and continue to develop new ones. We invest our income in Umeå’s future. As a municipally owned company, the money stays in Umeå and promotes urban development.