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Senast uppdaterad 5 January, 2024

Exclusive offer at Järnvägsallén!

Campaign period 15 December – 15 February!

Friday 15/12 there will be a price reduction at the parking garage Järnvägsallén, which means that you can stay longer and pay less!

In the coming months, the pulse will increase in the city centre with, among other things, Christmas shopping and Christmas sales, which can create more confusion than usual due to ongoing reconstruction of streets. Our hope with a campaign on Järnvägsallén is to increase accessibility and offer an affordable parking solution for short-term parkers, while at the same time avoiding the increased traffic chaos that the renovations can entail.

During the campaign period, parking fees in the Järnvägsallén parking garage will be lowered to encourage more people to choose this option instead of parking in the our already crowded city center. In this way, we hope to not only make it easier for those who need to park quickly and smoothly, but also reduce traffic congestion and make it easier for those who have to move around the city center.


Fee: 9 SEK/hour – Zone code 694 (Regular 14 SEK/hour)
Charging: 20 SEK/hour – Zone code 90815 (Regular 25 SEK/hour)

Valuable information:
The parking garage is open every day from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

If you have any questions regarding the campaign, please contact our customer service.