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Senast uppdaterad 10 September, 2020

Daily permit on campus

From January 1, 2020, the discounted daily permit is only available in the Upab app or by logging into our website. To verify that you are a student or employee see below.

As an employee or student at Umeå University or at the Swedish University of Agriculture, you can buy a parking permit that is valid for one day at a cost of SEK 25. The verification that you are an employee or a student has previously been done by placing a sticker / permit card visible in the vehicle’s windscreen along with paid daily permit via Parkster or at a ticket machine.

Here’s how to buy the discounted daily permit from January 1, 2020

1. If you are a student at Umeå University, you must submit your consent on the student web / intranet Min Sida, in order for Upab to access your information.

If you are an employee of Umeå University, you do not need to give consent.

If you are a student or an employee of the Swedish University of Agriculture, follow the instructions on your intranet.

2. Download the Upab app on the App store or Google Play.

3. Purchase parking permit in the app or via Upab’s website. Be sure to enter the correct registration number and user ID. Add your debit card, the payment is done that way.