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Senast uppdaterad 7 September, 2020

New parking machines on campus

During the month of September, we will continue to introduce digital parking machines and now on the campus area. In connection with this, there will be fewer machines.

As part of the digitalisation, we are now continuing and switching to digital parking machines on campus, as we previously did in our multi-storey car parks in the city centre. This will also mean fever machines. As we have previously said, the use of parking machines has dropped drastically since the possibility of mobile payment was introduced, a payment method that is much appreciated by everyone who parks. On campus, 73% of the parking fees are now paid via mobile phone.

When you use Upab’s new parking machines, you do not have to return to the vehicle with a ticket. Instead, state the vehicle’s registration number and the time you wish to park. Each parking machine that is removed is replaced by an information sign that tells you where the nearest parking machine is and how you can pay for your parking with your mobile phone. If you choose to pay for parking in a parking machine, that parking ticket applies to all paid parking (sign that says Avgift) on Campus.