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Senast uppdaterad 9 February, 2023

Rally Sweden 2023

On February 9-12, Rally Sweden is organized in Umeå, but already on Thursday, February 2, the preparations for the competitions begin. This means that many people and vehicles will be in motion around Umeå, especially in the Umeå center, around the Nolia area and Umestan. We therefore want to give a warning that there is a risk of queues in connection with and in our parking facilities during this period.

Parking spaces at Nolia area, Umestan and Dragonskolans garage will be closed during the event.

Nolia area
In the Nolia area, Rally Sweden will have its service center, here the rally teams have their base where they work with their vehicles. The public parking  in the Nolia area will be completely closed from February 2-15. If you have a monthly permit, you have received special information about where you can park instead.

Dragonskolans garage
The paid parking spaces in Dragonskolans garage are closed February 8-12. We refer to signposted street parking at: Larmgatan, Ryttargatan, Kungsgatan, Smedsgatan, Hantverkargatan, Prästgatan, Utgårdsvägen, Östra Prinsgatan and Hedlundavägen. If you have a monthly permit, you will still be able to park in the garage, but must show your parking permit to security personnel.

Public parking around Umestan will be closed February 8-12. We refer to signposted street parking in the Haga area.

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